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6 Steps to Improve Care Coordination

Care Coordination Tool Screenshot

The ACCC Model for Improving Care Coordination has been transformed into a free, interactive online tool to evaluate the current state of care coordination for lung cancer patients at your cancer program or practice, and to help identify focus areas for improvement and next steps.

Take action to improve care coordination:

  1. Take the FREE, online assessment to identify 12 areas in which your program can improve care coordination and quality for patients with lung cancer.*
  2. See how your program measures up. Download a customized PDF report with your results embedded in each assessment area and a crosswalk to more than 100 quality measures.
  3. Discuss the results with your care team and cancer program leadership to identify quality improvement (QI) opportunities.
  4. Access ACCC-curated resources to help make the case for developing and implementing a QI project in one or more assessment areas, such as patient access, navigation, supportive care, multidisciplinary treatment planning, and more.
  5. Gain more team training on the building blocks of successful QI project development and implement.  Available to a select number of ACCC Cancer Program Members. Contact ACCC to learn more.
  6. Share feedback on how your program is utilizing the Model’s framework to improve care coordination and by applying for an ACCC Innovator Award, submitting an article to Oncology Issues, or applying to present at an upcoming meeting

* You will be asked to create an account to access the Model but it takes less than a minute. An account allows you to save your work, return to the Model to adjust your answers, and access a personalized report with your results.


Testing the model through implementing a lay navigator helped NWMS learn how to build that program and formalize our navigation services.

— Amy Ellis, Director of Quality and Value-Based Care, Northwest Medical Specialties, LLC end-quote