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[VIDEO PODCAST] Ep 06: Financial Advocacy Playbook

September 16, 2021

Financial advocacy is a complex field of work that requires advocates keep up with the evolving healthcare landscape of payer policies, cancer treatment options, available financial assistance, and more. To support new—and experienced—staff who preform financial advocacy services, the ACCC Financial Advocacy Network created the “Ready, Set, Go! Financial Advocacy Playbook.” In this episode, we discuss the great need this robust resource fills in helping relieve financial toxicity, so patients can focus on their cancer care.


Rifeta Kajdic

Oncology Program Manager
St. Luke’s Cancer Institute
Boise, Idaho

Advisory Committee Member and Workforce Task Force Member
ACCC Financial Advocacy Network

“The Playbook is something that has been necessary. This isn’t just going to help our new hires. It’s really going to help seasoned, veteran advocates. I’m really looking forward to having this tool come out and handing it to our new hires to see how it can actually help guide their training.” end-quote


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