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For their final policy summit of 2023, the NCCN invited multidisciplinary stakeholders to Washington D.C. for a discussion focused on patients with cancer receiving comprehensive and equitable care.
This cancer program adapted the University of Washington’s Collaborative Care model to embed counseling services into oncology and palliative care across six clinic locations. This model allows patients to receive counseling for depression, anxiety, or other psycho-social concerns while in active treatment and survivorship, eliminating many barriers to care.
To explore the current state of psychosocial care in oncology, ACCC, with its partners, AOSW and APOS, with support from BeiGene—held a multistakeholder meeting, ACCC’s Call to Action: Delivery of Psychosocial Care in Oncology Summit.
This study examined the coping strategies and psychosocial well-being of patients with lung cancer facing multiple stressors, primarily due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
The complex needs of patients with cancer require a more proactive approach to their care. Ochsner Health, Ochsner Cancer Institute in Louisiana implemented a program—Chemotherapy Care Companion—to identify and meet patients’ needs in real time.
This cancer program continues to meet patients’ psychosocial needs through enduring telehealth expansion, livestream groups and classes, and on-demand digital repositories.
Rather than fielding its annual Trending Now in Cancer Care survey while cancer programs were experiencing unprecedented challenges due to the extended public health emergency, ACCC chose to facilitate conversations with its members to capture the lived experiences of the most pertinent issues impacting oncology practice and care delivery.
The dawn of COVID-19 has brought change for all of us, but for cancer patients and survivors, that change has been particularly profound. Whether they are in active treatment or survivorship, people living with cancer often experience significant physical limitations, and this pandemic has put considerable restraints on aspects of all of our lives. The accompanying loneliness that this isolation can …