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[PODCAST] Episode 20: Closing the Gender Gap in Oncology

September 8, 2020

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The gender gap in healthcare leadership is well documented. In the oncology discipline, the divide is even wider—according to a recent survey, less than half of academic medical oncology programs have a woman in a leadership position, and that number decreases further for radiation and surgical oncology.

On this episode of CANCER BUZZ, learn how the Livestrong Cancer Institutes and Dell Medical School at the University of Texas at Austin are reaching out to young women in high school to generate interest in oncology. Through leadership training, meetings with program leaders, and a week-long research project, the Summer Healthcare Experience (SHE) lays the groundwork for female mentorship and support at an early age.


  • Kristen E. Wynn, Senior Administrative Program Coordinator, Livestrong Cancer Institutes
  • Ximena Cruz and Korena Martinez, Summer Healthcare Experience participants
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