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[PODCAST] Ep 73: Biomarker Testing Advocacy

December 7, 2021

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Biomarker testing is an important part of precision medicine; however, many commercial health plans and state Medicaid programs lack adequate coverage, which can have life-threatening consequences for patients with cancer who could benefit from biomarker testing.

Some good news: health insurance coverage advocates have seen “wins” in three states in 2021: California, Illinois, and Louisiana. In this episode, we spoke with two healthcare advocates who explore these recent policy changes as it relates to biomarker testing. Tune in to find out what these legislative changes mean for your program or practice—and discover approaches to advise policymakers in your state on biomarker testing.

Hilary Gee Goeckner-circleHilary Gee Goeckner, MSW
Senior State & Local Campaign Manager, Medicaid
American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN)

“Not all communities are benefiting from the latest advances in biomarker testing and precision medicine, and unfortunately, because there are already such big disparities in cancer outcomes based on race, and income, and geography…if we don't take policy action like, expanding coverage of biomarker testing, those disparities, that are already unacceptable, could become even larger…"
Kristen (Cox) Santiago-circleKristen Santiago, MS
Senior Director of Public Policy Initiatives
LUNGevity Foundation

“Biomarker testing saves lives. We work with many patients who are alive today, literally, because of biomarker testing. So whatever we can do to make sure that all patients—regardless of where you live and insurance status—have access together
, we can work together, and make that happen."

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