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As immunotherapy for cancer continues to evolve—so has the Association of Community Cancer Centers—adapting to meet the changing needs of the oncology community.

The ACCC Immuno-Oncology Institute is the only initiative dedicated to educating multidisciplinary teams to go beyond a clinical understanding of IO and tackle real-world implementation issues. With the care of patients on immunotherapies now extending beyond the cancer team, the ACCC Immuno-Oncology Institute is at the forefront of developing critical education to empower healthcare professionals across care delivery settings.

Under the guidance of the IO Institute Executive Committee, multispecialty Working Groups were established to focus on Big Data, Telemedicine, Care Coordination and Communication, and Training and Education. IO Working Groups members share their expertise, knowledge, and forward-looking perspectives to provide a framework for developing proactive strategies for effective delivery of these new and emerging therapies.

As part of the Immuno-Oncology Institute, ACCC is leading numerous projects to support multidisciplinary teams in care delivery for cancer immunotherapies. Best Practices for Implementing Cancer Immunotherapy in the Community and Real-World Experience in Immunotherapy Delivery covers practical “how-to’s” with a focus on physical space considerations, workflow, staffing, and patient education. Overcoming Obstacles in Integrating Immunotherapies for Cancer in the Community Setting is a five-phase quality improvement research study, while Managing Immune-Related Adverse Events offers education to better understand the spectrum of irAEs and effectively manage your patients’ care using a multidisciplinary approach. ACCC has partnered with the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship on the Elevating Survivorship project to learn about unmet and evolving survivorship care needs of patients who have been treated with immunotherapy.