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Oncology Social Worker Survey Closes September 25

September 21, 2020
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To better understand the challenges oncology social workers face when giving patients the care and resources they need in their battle against cancer, the Association of Community Cancer Centers is collaborating with the University of Michigan School of Social Work and the Association of Oncology Social Work (AOSW) to conduct the Oncology Social Work Competencies, Opportunities, Roles, and Expertise (CORE) Survey.

Social workers play a crucial role as members of the cancer care team, providing crisis management, conflict resolution, mental health intervention, and cognitive behavioral therapy. They also offer essential supportive care services, including patient referrals to much-needed resources, community outreach and education, behavioral health management, and assistance with facilitating access to insurance, housing, transportation, and legal resources.

Given the expansive role they play in patient care, whether oncology social workers are given the tools they need to succeed and whether they are well-integrated into the cancer care team can influence patient quality of care and outcomes. It is essential that healthcare leaders fully comprehend the services that oncology social workers provide and accordingly empower them to do their jobs.

The results of the nationwide CORE Survey will help distinguish and delineate the roles, responsibilities, and scope of practice for oncology social workers and will examine their experiences, practice patterns, workload obligations, and education and training needs within the context of their practice setting.

The resulting data will be used to:

  • Identify strategies for enhancing and implementing the delivery of safe, timely, patient-centered, effective, efficient, and equitable psychosocial support services
  • Inform the development of Oncology Social Work (OSW) Certification testing standards
  • Advocate for data-driven standards of practice for social work and psychosocial care service delivery
  • Conceptualize and seek funding for research studies that investigate and test multi-level interventions intended to improve the implementation of patient-centered standards of care (as defined by the Commission on Cancer) and subsequent patient, provider, and system outcomes

The CORE Survey closes Friday, September 25. It takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. Participation incentives include Amazon gift cards and complementary memberships and conference registrations from the Association of Oncology Social Work and the Association of Pediatric Oncology Social Workers. 

If you are an oncology social worker, please take the time to complete this survey today, and empower yourself and your colleagues to better serve your patients and strengthen your profession.

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