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[VIDEO PODCAST] Ep 05: Implementing a Transportation Hub

July 29, 2021



A physician and administrator champion at Cone Health Cancer Center talk about why it’s more important than ever to make transportation assistance available to patients with cancer and how these services help improve health outcomes and the patient experience. Hear how an awareness of social determinants of health can improve health equity and reduce disparities, and how to make the business case to gain buy-in from hospital and healthcare leadership.

For those looking to implement a similar program, our guests suggest a three-prong approach: develop your playbook, build your infrastructure, and then pilot your program before scaling it up.

Hislop-SkipSkip Hislop, MS, R(T)R
Vice President, Oncology Services
Cone Health Cancer Center
Greensboro, NC

“As you think about the health disparities, it’s not a broad-brush stroke. It's very individualized. We’ve got to screen and understand the needs of individuals. So, when we talk about personalized medicine, it could be the clinical side, it could be the medical side. It’s also the social determinants of healthcare. So, it’s understanding those individuals to give them the best care they need medically, clinically, and/or otherwise."
Manning-MatthewMatthew Manning, MD
Chief of Oncology
Cone Health Cancer Center
Greensboro, NC

“If you build a 12-foot wall around your cancer center and said people who can't scale the 12-foot wall are non-compliant, it just is unfair. We’ve shifted away from this term of non-compliance...It might be our fault for not lowering the wall and not increasing access to our services."


This vodcast is supported by the ACCC Financial Advocacy Network, the leader in professional development training, tools, and resources that empower providers to integrate financial health into the care continuum and help patients gain access to affordable, high-quality cancer care.


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