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Live from NOC: Rural Appalachian Lung Screening Initiative - [MINI PODCAST]

October 10, 2023

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Live this week from the ACCC 40th National Oncology Conference, CANCER BUZZ interviews Dr. Michael Gieske about best practices to increase lung cancer screenings and ACCC’s Rural Appalachian Lung Screening Initiative.

ACCC launched the Appalachian Community Cancer Alliance (the Alliance) in partnership with several state oncology societies representing the Appalachian region. The focus is on improving patient and operational cancer outcomes by identifying effective evidence-based practices that can be replicated throughout the region. One of the major initiatives under the Alliance is to increase lung cancer screenings in Appalachia where the cancer mortality rate is 10 percent higher than the national rate. 


Michael Gieske

Dr. Michael Gieske
St. Elizabeth
Edgewood, KY

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