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Live from NOC: Leadership for Challenging Times - [MINI PODCAST]

October 10, 2023

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Live this week from the ACCC 40th National Oncology Conference (NOC), CANCER BUZZ interviews Steve Kennedy, Senior Vice President of Human Resources at Tennessee Oncology, about his session: Leadership Engagement and Sustainment During Challenging Times. 

The Tennessee Oncology Leadership Academy launched in July 2020 with the purpose of building a culture of collaborative and agile leaders. Since its launch, the academy has enrolled 157 team members, with 88 leaders graduating from the program. The practice has seen a 96% retention rate of these graduates, and 13 graduates have been promoted to new positions. Currently, 69 high-potential team members and/or leaders are enrolled in the academy. Built around a cohort structure and a blended instructional format, the academy offers 4 pathways based on readiness that guide participants through 3 leadership domains: self, other, and organization. The key to the academy’s success is the transition of its instructors into coaches for those who graduate from the program.


Steve Kennedy

Steve Kennedy
Senior Vice President, Human Resources
Tennessee Oncology


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