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Live from NOC: ACCC Priorities for the President’s Cancer Panel - [MINI PODCAST]

October 10, 2023

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The science of oncology is rapidly evolving, as cancer programs and practices around the US continue to make cutting-edge discoveries in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. In addition, there is an increased spotlight on the effects social drivers of health have on cancer care delivery, as health equity initiatives continue to permeate the oncology landscape.

Building on these successes, NCI released the National Cancer Plan on April 3, 2023. The plan outlines goals designed to support the objectives of Cancer Moonshot. In support of this effort, the President’s Cancer Panel held its first National Cancer Plan Stakeholder meeting September 7, 2023.

ACCC was invited to share the association’s key priorities for impacting cancer care in the US. ACCC president Olalekan Ajayi, PharmD, MBA, and chief operating officer at Highlands Oncology Group, PA, discusses the meeting and these initiatives.


Olalekan AjayiOlalekan Ajayi, PharmD, MBA
President, ACCC
Chief Operating Officer,
Highlands Oncology Group, PA
Fayetteville, AR


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