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LIVE from NOC: Leveraging Data to Tackle Workforce Shortages—[MINI PODCAST]

October 17, 2022

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Live from the ACCC 39th National Oncology Conference, CANCER BUZZ interviews Erica DeBoer, RN, MA, CCRN-K, CNL, the Chief Nursing Officer at Sanford Health, about the system’s data-driven approach to manage clinical workforce scheduling and staffing needs. Sanford Health, the largest rural health system in the country, is leveraging technology and exploring new care delivery models to solve workforce challenges, enhance nurse satisfaction, and improve patient quality outcomes. Learn more about how this health system is gleaning new insights into clinical workforce needs to optimize future staffing and scheduling decisions.

Erica DeBoer, RN, MA, CCRN-K, CNL
Chief Nursing Officer
Sanford Health

“Our traditional ways of doing things really weren’t as effective as they could be. So, using data and analytics, as well as automating workflows, we’ve been able to optimize different ways of using our workforce, so they can focus their time and energy on taking care of patients.” — Erica DeBoer, RN, MA, CCRN-K, CNL


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