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Treatment Options for Patients with Multiple Myeloma Who Are Ineligible for Transplant — [PODCAST] EP 106

March 3, 2023

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Multiple myeloma refers to blood cancer found within the plasma cells of bone marrow. It is a rare cancer, affecting less than one percent of the U.S. population. Currently, there is no cure for multiple myeloma, but there are treatment options that can help people live longer, healthier lives. Stem cell transplant is a standard of care for eligible patients. However, over half of patients newly diagnosed with multiple myeloma are not eligible for transplant due to age or other major health problems, such as heart, lung, liver, or kidney disease. And studies have shown people who are ineligible for transplant have a lower survival rate.

Listen as Dr. Yee provides treatment planning options available to patients who are ineligible for transplant.


Andrew Yee, MD
Clinical Director
Center for Multiple Myeloma at Massachusetts General Hospital
Assistant Professor of Medicine
Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA

“Overtime these patients can experience significant improvements in quality of life…they can go back to their normal routine. Ultimately, there needs to be a shared decision between the patient and the care team in terms of what their goals and priorities are.” – Andrew Yee, MD

This podcast was generously supported by Janssen Oncology. This podcast was developed through a collaboration between The Association of Community Cancer Centers and The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.



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