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Building Support for Patients with NTRK Gene Fusion-Positive Cancer — [MINI PODCAST] EP 118

July 13, 2023

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Building awareness of rare cancers, such as NTRK gene fusion-positive cancers, is critical to improving access to biomarker testing and new treatment options for patients. In this episode, CANCER BUZZ speaks with Susan Spinosa, president and patient founder of NTRKers, an organization created to support patients with NTRK fusion-positive cancer, about her care journey and the importance of testing for NTRK gene fusions.

"What we want to have for every patient who is diagnosed with NTRK is accessibility...We need to test for it…it's a rare biomarker but in my mind, it should not be rare—the more testing we do the more routine it will become—and my hope is that 5 or 10 years from now, biomarker testing is routine and NTRK is not rare..." – Susan Spinosa, President of NTRKers


Susan Spinosa

Susan Spinosa
President and Patient Founder

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This is the second episode in a podcast series developed in connection with the ACCC education program Emerging Biomarkers: Innovative Therapies for NTRK Gene Fusion Testing and was made possible with support by Bayer.


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