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Precision Medicine: Robots, Biologics, and Advocates: Lessons from the Pharmacy— [MINI PODCAST] Ep 103

February 8, 2023

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Andre Harvin teases his keynote at the ACCC 49th Annual Meeting and Cancer Center Business Summit, where he will talk about innovative solutions to streamline pharmacy operations that have saved his healthcare system millions of dollars. One of those innovative solutions—robotic pharmacists.


Andre Harvin, PharmD, MS, MBA
Executive Director of Pharmacy, Oncology Services,
Cone Health Cancer Center

“We know that there are a lot of frustrations with biosimilars…depending on the payer, it may limit which biosimilar you can actually utilize with the patient…which one you’ll get the best reimbursement for, how much it will cost…There’s so much that you have to take into account, and we want to show people how you can do that more seamlessly by leveraging technology.”  Andre Harvin, PharmD, MS, MBA

Hear Andre speak live at the ACCC 49th Annual Meeting and Cancer Center Business Summit.



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