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Built to Care: Cancer Centers for the Future

By Matt Strum, MBA; Meagan O’Neill, MPH; and Lili Hay, MBA, MSIS

With this phased, how-to approach, you can begin planning and building your new cancer center to ensure it pays dividends for years to come through improved patient satisfaction, increased employee engagement, better care coordination, and potentially improved clinical outcomes.

Also in This Issue:

  • Empowering Cancer Patients Using Integrative Medicine: A Novel Model for Breast Cancer Risk Modification
    This rural cancer center leveraged Integrative Oncology to develop a risk modification model for breast cancer. Learn how this model first identifies at-risk patients and then provides education on BMI, exercise, diet, and smoking cessation to improve patient care.
  • A Rural Healthcare System Expands Cancer Care with a “Hub and Spoke” Model
    This multi-site healthcare system uses an advance practice provider and physician staffing model to improve care coordination, help ease transportation burdens for rural patients, and ensure that all clinicians are practicing at the top of their license.
  • Maintaining Patient Connections with Online Support Groups
    Cancer programs across the nation have had to postpone or cancel in-person supportive care services for patients and caregivers due to COVID-19. To continue to meet patient and caregiver needs, find out how one cancer program successfully transitioned its support groups to a virtual format.
  • Highlights from a Virtual ASCO 2020
    Former ACCC President, Dr. Cary Presant, shares key findings from the first virtual American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) 2020 Annual Meeting.
  • 2019-2020 ACCC Financial Advocacy Network Census Survey
    Across the country, COVID-19 is impacting patients’ ability to afford their cancer therapies. Learn how your cancer program can expand the role of its financial advocates to improve financial toxicity amid a public health emergency.


  • The Role of Nonphysician Practitioners in Oncology


  • St. Charles Cancer Center, Bend, Oregon


  • Celebrating Life Through City of Hope’s Bone Marrow Transplant Program

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