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This Lyrical Life: Music Therapy in Oncology

By Dean Quick and Susan Yaguda

An integral component of holistic care, music therapy is a clinically effective treatment modality. Board-certified music therapists help treat pain, validate and engage patients to understand a depressed mood, work to improve patients’ fine motor skills, and help and support patients as they process their experiences with cancer. Learn how this music therapy program is valued not only by patients with cancer and their families but by cancer program staff and clinicians at Levine Cancer Institute.

Also in This Issue:

  • Onboarding Experienced Non-Oncology Nurses to Address Staffing Shortage: Development of a Transitional Oncology Training Program
    2020 ACCC Innovator Award winner Miami Cancer Institute created and established this academy to recruit non-oncology nurses into the field. This successful program has a 97 percent graduation rate, with 100 percent of graduates earning their ONS/ONCC Chemotherapy Immunotherapy Certification. Today these graduates make up 13 percent of the institute’s workforce.
  • A Pharmacist Collaborative Practice Agreement Improves Oral Oncolytic Workflow and Reduces Treatment Delays
    2020 ACCC Innovator Award winner St. Luke’s Cancer Institute implemented a collaborative practice agreement between its medically integrated pharmacy and oncology. Find out how this agreement ensures pharmacists work at the top of their license and reduces treatment delays, streamlines oral oncolytic workflows, improves the prior authorization process, and more.
  • Reducing ED Visits and Hospital Admissions After Chemotherapy with Predictive Modeling of Risk Factors
    After a review of more than 100,000 chemotherapy encounters, 2020 ACCC Innovator Award winner Mercy Cancer Care developed a predictive algorithm to identify patients at risk for an emergency department visit or inpatient admission. Learn how staff integrated EHR and dashboard reports to make providers aware of at-risk patients in real-time.
  • Integrating Prehabilitation, Rehabilitation, and Prospective Surveillance into Cancer Interdisciplinary Teams
    Physical and occupational therapy can improve clinical outcomes, quality of life, and functional performance of patients with cancer. Read how 2020 ACCC Innovator winner Beaumont Cancer Institute gained physician and administration buy-in to add oncology-based physical and occupational therapists to the cancer care team and developed a process to automatically include their services in treatment orders.
  • Transitioning Select Chemotherapeutics to the Outpatient Setting Improves Care and Reduces Costs
    Find out how 2020 ACCC Innovator Award winner University of Arizona Cancer Center, transitioned administration of certain chemotherapy regimens to the outpatient setting, reducing costs of care, allowing the cancer program to bill drug waste, improving patient satisfaction and treatment adherence, and freeing up inpatient beds for those who truly need them.
  • Real-Life Stories of Ordinary People with Extraordinary Bravery: A Conversation with the Author of Between Life and Death
    Between Life and Death is a collection of stories about patients with cancer approaching the end of their lives. Oncology Issues spoke with Dr. Kashyap Patel to learn more about his 30-year oncology career and the challenges oncologists’ face when treating patients with non-curative cancers.
  • An Optimal Care Coordination Model for Medicaid Patients with Lung Cancer: Finalization of the Model and Implications for Clinical Practice in the U.S.
    ACCC has been building, testing, and refining the Optimal Care Coordination Model since its inception in 2016. Find out how implementing this Model can help you identify and address disparities in your cancer program or practice for Medicaid and non-Medicaid patients with lung cancer.
  • Collaborative Learning Workshops Explore Best Practices for Implementing Cancer Immunotherapies in the Community
    This ACCC expert-led workshop helped member programs assess their own immuno-oncology practices and build an action plan to address challenges and barriers at their respective locations. Learn what best practices were implemented post-workshop and how this education helped staff improve the care of patients receiving oncology immunotherapy


  • Telehealth After the Public Health Emergency


  • Roger Williams Cancer Center, Providence, Rhode Island


  • Developing and Studying the Investigational City of Hope COVID-19 Vaccine

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