About OPEN

The ACCC Oncology Pharmacy Education Network advocates on behalf of hematology-oncology pharmacists as vital members of the cancer care team, and is committed to developing educational resources and multidisciplinary connections that advance the field and elevate oncology pharmacy professionals to top-of-license practice.

ACCC Oncology Pharmacy Education Network Purpose Statements

(Approved by OPEN Advisory Committee on 10.02.2019)

  1. OPEN provides critical oncology pharmacy-oriented education in areas that are essential for clinical, operational, and financial success
  2. OPEN provides the latest regulatory and legislative updates that apply to cancer delivery and oncology pharmacy practice
  3. OPEN provides oncology professionals with the latest information on value-based care models and quality initiatives
  4. OPEN serves to keep members updated on policy and reimbursement changes that affect all domains of oncology pharmacy practice
  5. OPEN provides practical tools and resources to help maximize reimbursement for services provided in various oncology care settings
  6. OPEN aids in communicating with colleagues from across the multidisciplinary cancer care team