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AMCCBS Virtual, Day 3: Cancer Service Line Efficiency and Revenue Optimization

February 11, 2021
AMCCBS Virtual for Buzz

While the word “unprecedented” has been used in excess this past year, we are still swimming in uncharted waters in 2021. As we continue to navigate the unknown in healthcare and beyond, the lessons learned in 2020 can give us tools to anticipate and confront new and ongoing challenges in cancer care. The ACCC 47th Annual Meeting & Cancer Center Business Summit (AMCCBS Virtual) on March 1-5 will gather leaders in oncology from community cancer centers, academic medical centers, think tanks, industry, and patient advocacy organizations to share insights about how COVID-19 has changed and will continue to change cancer care in the near and distant future. 

Guest speakers at AMCCBS Virtual will examine timely, real-world case studies from organizations that used the opportunity created by the pandemic to forge a new path forward. They will demonstrate how to lead your cancer program or practice through today’s rapidly changing circumstances by accelerating your digital health capabilities, transforming your business operations and care processes, and enhancing the patient/provider experience. 

AMCCBS Virtual sessions on Wednesday, March 3, will focus on cancer service line efficiency and revenue optimization. As COVID-19 has affected many aspects of cancer care delivery, one of the biggest impacts to cancer programs and practices have been to their clinical and financial performance. Attendees will gain new perspectives and learn new strategies to help them navigate and potentially rebuild their service lines to meet the demands and challenges brought on by COVID-19. Expert presenters will teach attendees practical tips that they can adopt right away to prioritize staff needs and build resiliency in these turbulent times. Sessions include: 

  • Precision Cancer Care for Older Adult Patients: Digitalizing a System-Wide Geriatric Screening and Intervention Program: Conducting virtual screenings gives cancer practices an opportunity to continue providing important clinical and supportive interventions to high-risk and older patients during the pandemic. Learn how a digital, evidence-based tool used at Moffit Cancer Center can identify at-risk patients and then tailor interventions to improve patient experience and outcomes. 

  • A Dedicated Oncology Revenue Integrity Analyst Improves Revenue Collection and Mitigates Losses: Ensuring accuracy in pre-registration, registration, prior authorizations, benefits investigations, coding, and claims data with a dedicated oncology revenue integrity analyst can help your cancer program overcome the economic impacts of COVID-19 and beyond. Hear how one cancer program promotes effective communication among all team members to ensure quick and agile responses to issues that can lead to financial losses. 

  • Care Code: Innovative Stress Relief for Oncology Staff: Meeting staff needs during COVID-19 is key to ensuring your cancer program or practice is running effectively and that your staff are prepared to meet the increasing needs of patients. By learning how to screen for and identify signs of burnout, vicarious trauma, and stress among staff, attendees will be able to foster a culture that prioritizes employee's well-being. Attendees will also learn how to develop and disseminate effective self-care strategies that address the emotional, physical, and spiritual health of cancer care staff. 

  • Oncology Capture of Emergency Department Patients with Incidental Radiologic Findings: This session will teach attendees about Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s development and implementation of a structured process for ED incidental radiologic imaging. Find out how this process ensures follow-up and referral to the appropriate subspecialties, improves patient care, and provides a financial incentive through additional visits, procedures, surgeries, radiology, labs, and pathology. 

Be sure to read about the sessions on Day 2 of the conference, which focus on telehealth, virtual care models, and remote monitoring. Learn more about the opportunities offered during all days of the virtual ACCC 47th Annual Meeting & Cancer Center Business Summit and register to attend.

Flatiron Health is the AMCCBS 
Virtual Premium Sponsor on Wednesday, March 3, 2021. 

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