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ACCC Responds to Executive Orders on Drug Pricing Reform

August 3, 2020

Americans pay more for their prescription drugs than any other country in the world. The Trump administration stated its intention to address this concern with four executive orders signed by the president on July 24.

With the stated aim of lowering the cost of prescription drugs for patients, the orders allow for:

  • Permitting the importation of certain drugs from Canada and other countries
  • Making changes to how discounts negotiated by pharmacy benefit managers are passed on to Medicare recipients
  • Requiring Medicare to pay the same prices that other countries pay for the drugs patients receive in hospitals
  • Requiring federal qualified community health centers to make insulin and EpiPens available to patients at discount prices

President Trump has stated that, for some of these provisions, unless the pharmaceutical industry negotiates alternative provisions with the White House by Aug. 24, he will implement all orders.

ACCC Statement

While ACCC appreciates the effort of the Trump Administration to address rising drug costs, we urge the administration to move carefully and with a clear understanding of the potential ramifications of these executive orders on the cancer care delivery infrastructure.

Of particular concern is the policy that aligns payment for outpatient drugs with the International Pricing Index Model. If implemented without broader payment reform and over an extended period of time, this policy could have a devasting impact on cancer programs across the country.

ACCC believes that such a pricing model as currently envisioned would disproportionately impact cancer programs in rural and underserved areas that have a high proportion of Medicare beneficiaries. This would in turn reduce or eliminate these Medicare beneficiaries’ access to appropriate care and magnify health inequities.

As an organization deeply concerned about the rising cost of prescription drugs, ACCC remains committed to promoting patient access to the most effective cancer treatments that are medically necessary given a patient’s individualized needs. 

ACCC recognizes there are numerous factors contributing to the rise of prescription drug prices. If you have any questions about our statement or would like to discuss it in further detail, please contact Christian Downs at 301/984-9496 or cdowns@accc-cancer.org.

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