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September is Blood Cancer Awareness Month

September 10, 2019

In 2010, Congress designated September as Blood Cancer Awareness Month to encourage greater understanding about the importance of the diagnosis, treatment, and research of the multiple types of blood cancer. Although there are many different types of hematological malignancies, most fall within three main groups: lymphoma, leukemia, and myeloma. Each type of blood cancer presents differently, requires unique treatments, and has different prognoses.

Although survival rates for people with blood cancers have improved dramatically, it remains a deadly disease. Blood cancers are the second leading cause of cancer deaths in the U.S. Approximately every three minutes, someone in the U.S. is diagnosed with a blood cancer. These types of cancers are the most common ones in children, adolescents, and young adults, accounting for 30 percent of all childhood cancers.

The Association of Community Cancer Centers (ACCC) has newly created resources for cancer programs and practices that focus on multidisciplinary approaches to care for adults with acute lymphocyctic leukemia (ALL), chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL), and multiple myeloma (MM).  

ACCC resources in acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL) care include:

  • A downloadable environmental scan that provides an overview of the current landscape for ALL diagnosis, treatment, and care management
  • A resource hub with specialized tools and resources to support your patients with ALL
  • A three-part webinar series that highlights current research on ALL

ACCC resources in chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) care include:

  • A downloadable effective practices publication that reviews the current CLL treatment landscape
  • A resource hub of curated materials to promote increased awareness and best practices in multidisciplinary care for patients with CLL
  • An interactive heatmap indicating the geographic prevalence of CLL 
  • A regional lecture series that examines clinical updates, the patient journey, and the importance of collaboration within the multidisciplinary care team in the management of CLL

ACCC resources in multiple myeloma care include:

  • A resource hub of specialized tools for multiple myeloma education curated by a multidisciplinary advisory committee with deep expertise in myeloma
  • A regional lecture series offering peer-to-peer learning, clinical updates, and local and regional resources
  • An effective practices publication that includes a convenient summary of recent updates in the management of multiple myeloma

Upcoming Opportunities

To continue to improve care for patients with CLL, three ACCC member cancer programs or practices have an opportunity to host a live, half-day, quality improvement workshop at their institution, including one-, three-, and six-month follow-ups. Selected programs will create and pilot quality improvement plans that address specific barriers and/or gaps in care for CLL. To learn more or to apply, contact Monique Dawkins.

ACCC is also offering to its member cancer programs and practices a one-day, customized workshop with experts in multidisciplinary approaches to multiple myeloma care. To learn more or to apply, contact Hira Chowdhary.

Stay tuned for more from ACCC.  

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