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ACCC Annual Meeting & Cancer Center Business Summit Will Bring Future into Focus

March 15, 2019
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The ACCC 45th Annual Meeting & Cancer Center Business Summit opens next week with a series of featured speakers who will offer forward-looking insights on how cancer programs and practices can adapt and grow while addressing today’s (and tomorrow’s) most challenging care delivery issues. Together, these presenters will explore how the history of cancer care brought us to where we are now, and how the actions we take today can help reform a healthcare system under continual stress. Bringing the future into focus will be the following speakers:

  • Joe Flower, Healthcare Futurist—“Thinking about the future is a complex business,” says Joe. “It requires clarity, penetration, a broad view, and the insights of complexity science. Futurism based on the insights of complexity is a tool for thinking, planning, strategizing.” Joe Flower is a healthcare futurist, speaker, consultant, and executive coach whose more than 30 years of healthcare experience has made him a thought leader on how to create a healthcare system that is better, cheaper, and available to more people. His address will explore how oncology physicians, nurses, and administrators should grow and adapt within the next 10 years to help their cancer program or practice address emerging business, quality, technology, and policy trends.


  • Allen S. Lichter, MD, FASCO, Senior Partner, TRG Healthcare—Allen will address how innovative approaches will be imperative to enable health systems to grow their market presence in an increasingly competitive environment. Hear how the future direction of oncology services will be influenced by trends in artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, and telehealth; marketplace forces, such as the purchase of physician practices by private equity firms; and federal policies regarding drug pricing reform, 340B, and site neutrality.


  • Amy Bassano, MA, Deputy Director, Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation—Amy will share an “inside the beltway” perspective on federal policy shifts that have the potential to shake up cancer care delivery systems, business operations, and reimbursement methods for years to come. Taking into account the broad cancer care landscape, Amy will discuss the government’s role in—and response to—industry developments and the implications for healthcare consumers.


  • Multi-Stakeholder Panel—Representing various care setting vantage points, eight healthcare leaders will address how to remain productive and economically viable in an industry subject to a growing number of administrative, economic, technological, and staffing constraints. Learn how providers can optimize their performance to support their organizations’ goals, how different care delivery settings compare, and how providers can deliver the highest value patient care and form the most productive partnerships.

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