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Learning How to Die


October 20, 2020

Between Life and Death is a collection of real-life stories of ordinary people who displayed extraordinary bravery as they approached the end of their lives. By acknowledging death as a necessary transition rather than an unknown to be feared and avoided, these patients embraced their end days by living each day they had left to the fullest. The patients profiled in this book provide guidance not only to other patients with cancer, but also to oncologists seeking insight into how best to help their patients at the end stages of cancer.

The book’s author, Kashyap Patel, MD—CEO of Carolina Blood and Cancer Care Associates in South Carolina, vice president of the Community Oncology Alliance, member of the South Carolina Oncology Society Board of Directors, and chair of the ACCC Clinical Affairs Committee—says he wrote Between Life and Death to capture his 30-year journey as a practicing oncologist in three countries and across 11 cities.

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