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The Advocacy Engagement Report is available to members!

Advocacy Aimed at Reducing Health Disparities in Cancer Care: To combat policies and practices that create or exacerbate inequities in patient care, The Oncology State Societies (OSS) led a policy pilot, funded by Johnson & Johnson Healthcare Systems, Inc, to address legislation and regulations impacting patient care, provider access, health equity, and disparities.

The OSS Policy Project supported a policy communication and learning infrastructure in nine participating states. The result is a demonstration of what members of the healthcare community can accomplish when they work together to address policy issues. That is, they can affect change that improves the quality of life for all patients and those who care for them.

The Advocacy Engagement Report provides OSS members with detailed case studies on issues that galvanized state societies to act, and document the actions taken by Policy Committees to affect change.

The role of state societies taking a lead in state and federal advocacy is crucial.

Alan Miller, MD, PhD
President, Rocky Mountain Oncology Society

Read the report to:

  • Unlock the six keys to successful grassroots advocacy as found in this effort.
  • Learn how states without governmental affairs resources leveraged the power of their membership and their committee expertise.
  • Benefit from lessons learned from detailed case studies.
  • Gain inspiration from a nationwide effort across OSS members to effect change.

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For questions about this project, please contact Christy Levine, Executive Director, SCOS.

Cancer Buzz Podcasts

Listen to ACCC's Matt Devino and President of the Empire State Hematology & Oncology Society, Rahul Seth, DO, discuss why every voice is critical in grassroots advocacy efforts on both the federal and state level, and how cancer professionals who moonlight as patient advocates can help improve access to care and reduce financial toxicity for people living with cancer.

Cancer treatment is a rapidly evolving and complex field, which is why state-level advocacy is critical to help legislators understand the nuances of oncology, Learn how state oncology societies have the power to mobilize larger groups of providers across the state to make their voices heard on behalf of their patients—and how you can get involved.


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