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State Advocacy

MOS President Testifies Against Missouri HJR 117

Dr-Joe-Muscato-Testifying-240x175On March 22, 2022, President of the Missouri Oncology Society (MOS) Joseph Muscato, MD, FACP, Missouri Cancer Associates, testified against HJR 117, which if signed into law, would allow the legislature to turn down funding for Medicaid Expansion yearly, putting our patients at risk—each year—of losing coverage.

Additionally, the bill would place work reporting requirements on those in the expansion population, creating bureaucratic barriers and additional access challenges for patients with cancer, potentially causing Medicare patients to lose their healthcare.

MOS believes expansion will go a long way in providing greater access to cancer screening, diagnosis, and treatment for Missourians. Last month, MOS and the Association for Clinical Oncology wrote a letter to Chairman Cody Smith and members of the House Budget Committee expressing concern with HJR 117 and the seriously negative consequences it could have on patients with cancer.

MOS strongly opposes HJR 117 and believes that no individual diagnosed with cancer should be without health insurance that guarantees access to high-quality cancer care.


Federal Advocacy

MOS Joins 400+ Organizations in Support of MCED Legislation

May 5, 2022

The Missouri Oncology Society (MOS) joined more than 400 organization from all 50 states to urge Congress to pass the Medicare Multi-Cancer Early Detection (MCED) Screening Coverage Act (H.R.1946/S.1873) this year. This legislation would create a pathway for MCED tests to be covered by the Medicare program following approval by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

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