Poster Presentations

As part of its Outstanding Hematology/Oncology Fellow and Resident Recognition Competition, the Minnesota Society of Clinical Oncology is pleased to share the research findings of its 2022 winning poster presentations.

For information or if you would like to participate in the competition, please contact Amanda Impellizzeri, Leadership Relations Manager.

University of Minnesota, Spring 2022


Camelid Nanobody-Based NK Cell Engager Molecules Targeting B7-H3 Expressing, Refractory Prostate Cancers

Nicholas Zorko, MD, PhD, Division of Hematology, Oncology, and Transplantation, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN



  • Cameron-McDonald-Hyman-poster-2022
    ACC1 Inhibition Enhances Regulatory T-cell Suppressive Function by Controlling the Choice Between Fatty-Acid Synthesis and Oxidation

    Cameron McDonald-Hyman, MD, PhD, et al., University of Minnesota, Minneapolis MN
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  • Preethiya-Sekar-poster-2022
    Association Between Smoking Exposure and Cervical Abnormality Among Women Living with HIV: a Systematic Review

    Preethiya Sekar, et al., University of Minnesota, Minnesota MN
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  • McKenzie-White-poster-2022
    Chemotherapy Refusal and Subsequent Survival in Older Women with High Genomic Risk, Estrogen-Receptor Positive Breast Cancer

    McKenzie J White, MD, et al., University of Minnesota, Minnesota MN
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  • Nidhi-U-Desai-poster-2022
    Estimated Out Of Pocket Costs for Cancer Directed and Supportive Care Medications for Older Adults with Advanced Pancreatic Cancer

    Nidhi Desai, MD, et al., University of Minnesota, Minnesota MN
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  • Karan-Ramakrishna-poster-2022
    Leukemia or Lung Cancer? An Unusual Case of Squamous Cell Lung Cancer Presenting with Refractory Cytopenias

    Karan Ramakrishna, MBBS, et al.,  University of Minnesota, Minnesota MN
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  • Hu,-Marie-poster-2021
    Predictors of Relapse and Survival Following Autologous Stem Cell Transplant in Patients with Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma

    Marie Hu, MD, et al., University of Minnesota, Minnesota MN
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  • Haixia-Qin-poster-2022
    Primary Breast Amyloidosis Case Report and Literature Review

    Haixia Qin, MD, et al., University of Minnesota, Minnesota MN
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  • Ashley-Draisey-poster-2022
    Rituximab Induced Early Phase Neutropenia in IgG4-Related Disease

    Ashley Draisey, DO, et al., Abbott Northwestern Hospital, Minneapolis, MN
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  • Austin-Cudak-poster-2022
    SMARC A4/BRG1 Deficient Lung Carcinoma Complicated by Treatment Related Immune-Mediated Pneumonitis

    Austin Cudak, DO, et al., Abbott Northwestern Department of Internal Medicine, Minnesota Oncology, Minneapolis, MN
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  • Saranya-Prathibha-poster-2022
    The Effects of HER2 Positivity on Invasive Lobular Carcinoma of the Breast

    Saranya Prathibha, MD, University of Minnesota, Minnesota MN
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