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Educational Award for Allied Health Professionals

The Minnesota Society of Clinical Oncology (MSCO) is committed to focusing on the future of cancer care in Minnesota by supporting the professional development of advanced practice providers, pharmacists and registered nurses in the state. The MSCO leadership believes that supporting the educational goals of allied healthcare professionals is vital to the future of cancer care delivery in Minnesota and to the mission of the Society.

A subcommittee of members of the MSCO Board of Directors will review the applications and select up to five (5) participants to receive a $2,000 stipend to attend any professional meetings (live or virtual) of their choosing. Includes but is not limited to Best of ASCO, ASCO, ACCC, HOPA, ONS, etc. Additionally, the award could be used for coursework options (ultrasound at bedside training, specific EKG courses, etc.). Participants will submit their application to the MSCO executive office; MSCO reserves the right to accept and review applications. Also, winners will be acknowledged at the MSCO Fall Conference on Wednesday, September 22, at the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis. This competition limits winners to apply once every two years.

Submission Deadline: July 23, 2021

Application should:

  • Consist of no more than a one (1) page electronic submission, via email, on the attached form or as an MS Word attachment.
  • Be submitted electronically through the portal on the MSCO website or via email attachment to AImpellizzeri@accc-cancer.org.
  • Arrive no later than the deadline of Friday, July 23, 2021 (unless otherwise specified).
  • Clearly list your name, designation/ title, institution (affiliation), address, telephone number and email address.

Questions? Email Amanda Impellizzeri, Leadership Relations Manager.


Award application

Applicant Information




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Statement Summary & Qualifications






Are you a current member of the Minnesota Society of Clinical Oncology?

In order for your application to be considered, you must be a current Associate Member of the Minnesota Society of Clinical Oncology). If you would like to submit an application and are not a member of the society, or do not know your membership status, please email our Membership Department or call 301.984.9496 ext. 217. For more information regarding the benefits of MSCO membership, please click here.



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