Cannabis and Cancer: Developing a Patient Clinic

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The demand for medical cannabis education from both providers and patients is increasing dramatically as stigma on its use decreases. The Cannabis and Cancer Research and Education Clinic (CanCaRE) was developed to meet this growing need--providing education on safe and effective cannabis use, dosing recommendations, and symptom management strategies. Hear how using novel agents like medical cannabis to improve their patients' quality of life is part of their overall mission to provide comprehensive cancer care services.

Jax-Sarah-circleSarah Jax, APRN, CNP
Oncology/Hematology Advanced Practitioner
HealthPartners Cancer Research Center at HealthPartners Frauenshuh Cancer Center
Membership Liaison for the Minnesota Society of Clinical Oncology
St. Louis Park, Minnesota

“85% of oncology providers wanted more education about medical cannabis, so developing the CanCaRE clinic was an opportunity to educate both patients and providers.”

This podcast is part of a special series with ACCC's Oncology Issues journal. For a deeper dive into this content, please read, “Holy Smokes,” from V37 N4.

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