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National Policy Resources—Local Advocacy Results

As cancer care professionals who experience the challenges of providing quality cancer care first-hand, TACOS members are well positioned to educate decision-makers on how coverage and reimbursement issues affect community oncology. State and federal legislation can have a significant impact on the financial viability of local cancer programs, which is why it's so important that our members make their voices heard.

In an effort to provide resources needed to effectively advocate on the issues that are important to them, our redesigned advocacy webpage features activity from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), national healthcare coverage through the Association of Community Cancer Centers (ACCC), local news articles and webinars, and more.

We want to hear from you! If there is a specific piece of legislation you want to know more about, an important resource we're missing, or if you want to get more involved, please contact us!

State Advocacy

Arizona Celebrates Huge Victory with the Signing of SB 1270!

Last week marks a major victory for Arizonans with the signing of Senate Bill 1270, which provides common-sense guardrails to ensure transparent, efficient, and fair processes for patients and their providers. Read full one pager

Posted 07/12/2021


Arizonans for Step Therapy Reform: New Op-Ed Shines Light on Step Therapy's Harm

As conversations with bill sponsors and the Governor's office continue about the timing to bring SB 1270 to the floor of the full House, read this recent opinion piece, which shines light on the impact of step therapy on Arizona families.  

Posted 04/29/2021


Arizonans for Step Therapy Reform: An Update on SB 1270

Conversations are continuing with the Governor's office about whether or not SB 1270 must be tied to the state budget. In a recent op-ed, Jasleen Chhatwal, president of the Arizona Psychiatric Society, weighs in on how step therapy interferes in doctor-patient relationships. Read it here

Posted 04/16/2021


Arizonans for Step Therapy Reform: An Update on SB 1270

The Rules Committee has cleared Senate Bill 1270 by Senator Nancy Barto to head to the House floor. Please continue to reach out to House members and engage on social media. For a list of House members and their contact information, click here

Posted 04/02/2021


Arizonans for Step Therapy Reform: An Update on SB 1270

10-year-old Tucson advocate captures media attention after sharing her story about step therapy's impact on a child with juvenile arthritis. As we wait for the House to vote on Senate Bill 1270: Insurance; Prescription Drugs; Step Therapy, please be sure to follow @OSSatACCC and @AZStepReform on Twitter and thank @NancyBarto for sponsoring this bill, which would ensure patient access to quality and timely treatment.

Posted 03/30/2021


Guest Column: Arizona legislators should support bill to help improve patient care

In light of Senate Bill 1270: Insurance; Prescription Drugs; Step Therapy having been sent from the Senate to the House of Representatives, TACOS Board Member Raju Vaddepally, MD, Yuma Regional Medical Center Cancer Center, published an opinion piece on the importance of this bill in ensuring patient access to quality and timely treatment. Read it here

Posted 03/08/2021


ACCCBuzz Blog Posts

Advocacy In the News

AONN+ Leadership Council Shares Need for Complete Cancer Care Team

On March 30, 2021, the Academy of Oncology Nurse & Patient Navigators (AONN+) Leadership Council released key reasons why cancer care teams should be protected and thoughtful investment strategies for cancer programs and practices to help remain strong as they recover from the pandemic. After closely reviewing the pandemic's impact on cancer care delivery in 2020, the Leadership Council devised key reasoning for protecting the cancer care team and service line:

  • Newly diagnosed patient volumes will increase along with diagnoses of advanced disease
  • Cancer service line revenues will be impacted if care organization is not streamlined and efficient
  • The navigation team (e.g., navigators, social workers, etc.) will be difficult to reassemble
  • Navigation can address cancer disparities.
"With new testing and mitigation strategies being implemented and improved access to vaccines on the horizon, now is the time to proactively plan for the near future. With proper and realistic planning, members of the cancer care team can be well-positioned to serve their patients with cancer and their families as the pandemic begins to subside."

The AONN+ Leadership Council is led by Christian Downs, executive director of the Association of Community Cancer Centers, with support from Linda Fleisher, principal investigator at Fox Chase Cancer Center, Lillie Shockney, co-founder of AONN+, Rani Khetarpal, vice president of Provider Partnerships at New Century Health, and Mandi Pratt-Chapman, associate center director of Patient-Centered Initiatives and Health Equity at George Washington Cancer Center.

For more information on the Leadership Councils' tips for a strong cancer care team post-pandemic, read the full announcement.

Posted 4/7/2021

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