TACOS Board of Directors


Mahesh Seetharam
Mahesh Seetharam, MD, FACP
Mayo Clinic

Vice President

Rajesh Bagai
Rajesh Bagai, MD
Ironwood Cancer & Research Centers


Chad C. Cherington
Chad C. Cherington, MD
Ironwood Cancer & Research Centers
An Arizona native, Dr. Cherington joined Ironwood Cancer & Research Centers in July 2016 after completing his fellowship at the Mayo clinic. He developed a passion to fight cancer at a young age, when a childhood friend was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor. The fire that was ignited as a child was further fueled when Dr. Cherington also lost his step-sister to cancer. He is passionate about creating a close relationship with his patients and promotes living a healthy lifestyle in conjunction with the best cancer treatment modern medicine has to offer to combat cancer.

Immediate Past President

Patrick Donovan
Patrick J. Donovan, MD, FACP
Scottsdale Cancer Center


Mitesh Borad, MD
Mayo Clinic Arizona
Alan Bryce, MD
Mayo Clinic Arizona
Ian DeRoock, MD
Ironwood Cancer & Research Center
Tomislav Dragovich, MD, PhD
Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center
Deborah L. Lindquist, MD, FACP
Arizona Oncology
Ramesh K. Ramanathan, MD
Mayo Clinic Arizona
Parminder Singh, MD
Mayo Clinic Arizona
Albert G. Wendt, MD
Dignity Health

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