WVOS Board of Directors


Mohammed Almubarak, MD
West Virginia University

Vice President

Dheeraj Kodali, MD
Appalachia Regional Healthcare


Venu Konala, MD
Ashland Bellefonte Cancer Center


Anshu K. Jain
Anshu K. Jain, MD
Our Lady of Bellefonte Hospital
Cancer Care of Bellefonte

Dr. Jain is an attending physician in Radiation Oncology who currently serves as the Medical Director of Radiation Oncology at the Ashland Bellefonte Cancer Center, the Highlands Cancer Center, and the Logan Regional Cancer Center. He also currently serves as an Assistant Clinical Professor in Therapeutic Radiology at the Yale School of Medicine. Dr. Jain has a wide range of interests, including cancer biomarker development, combined modality therapy, and systems-based practices aimed at improving the delivery of care in the oncology setting. 

Immediate Past President

Donald Fleming, MD
David Memorial Hospital Cancer Center


Ghulam Abbas, MD
West Virginia University Cancer Institute
Adrienne Duckworth, NP
West Virginia University
Thomas Hogan, MD
West Virginia University
Malcolm Mattes, MD
West Virginia University Cancer Institute
Deng Zhang, MD
CAMC Cancer Center

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