A Multidisciplinary Consortium to Advance Genetic Counseling in Oncology

Advances in the accuracy and efficacy of genetic testing have made it an essential tool when seeking to provide precision cancer treatment. However, multiple barriers exist for obtaining genetic testing and counseling in cancer programs and practices, particularly in Iowa, where there are considerable business challenges to providers who wish to offer genetic counseling to their patients.

To help remedy this issue, the Iowa Oncology Society (IOS)—a Chapter Member of the Association of Community Cancer Centers (ACCC)—has launched a program spearheaded by IOS President Matthew Obinna Nwaneri, MD, MBA, Medical Director at the June E. Nylen Cancer Center in Iowa City, Iowa. Through the program, IOS will form a consortium of multidisciplinary providers and stakeholders to discuss and address barriers to genetic testing, counseling, and screening for patients diagnosed with cancer and their family members. Consortium members will have discussions, learn from and teach one another, and identify policy–, advocacy–, and research–based strategies to better enable the use of genetic counselors by oncologists and patients in Iowa.

For more information about this program, and if you would like to join the consortium, please contact Limaya Atembina, MSW, Senior Manager, Oncology State Societies Membership.

Consortium Members

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Lunch and Learn Series

As part of the Multidisciplinary Consortium to Advance Genetic Counseling in Oncology education project, IOS hosted a series of three virtual Lunch and Learn sessions to spark conversations with local providers and stakeholders about challenges and solutions around genetic testing, counseling, and screening for patients diagnosed with cancer and their family members.

Click here to access the on-demand recordings.

Mini Podcast

[MINI-PODCAST] Ep 72: Genetic Counseling Advocacy

Advances in the application of precision oncology have resulted in an increased demand for genetic counseling services. While the genetic counselor workforce is on the rise, disparities in access are widespread. Certain barriers to genetic counseling—from geography to business challenges— are impacting who can access, and benefit from, genetic counseling services.

In this episode, Dr. Colleen Campbell, University of Iowa Health Care, explains specific policy changes that can help ensure access across diverse patient groups–while also benefiting those hospitals and genetic counselors who provide these services.

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Colleen Campbell, PhD, MS, LGC, Clinical Associate Professor of Internal Medicine, Division of Cardiovascular Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine, University of Iowa, Carver College of Medicine;
Director, Genetic Counseling Operations, University of Iowa Health Care;
Assistant Director, Iowa Institute for Human Genetics;
Secretary/Treasurer of the National Society of Genetic Counselors (NSGC)
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