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What is OPEN?

The Oncology Pharmacy Education Network (OPEN) is a group of leading oncology professionals who are working together under the auspices of the Association of Community Cancer Centers (ACCC). OPEN looks out for the interests of oncology pharmacists and their staffs and provides the education and resources they need.

More than 1,100 oncology pharmacists and members of their team committed to assuring quality cancer care in the nation's hospitals have already connected with OPEN. They include: Pharmacy directors, pharmacy administrators, pharmacists, and cancer program administrators or medical directors interested in pharmacy-related issues.

OPEN Meetings

The annual OPEN Pre-Conference gathers oncology pharmacists, pharmacy directors, and administrators, to explore the latest trends in pharmacy practice, including clinical and management issues facing the oncology pharmacy in both hospitals and private offices.

OPEN Educational Programs


The Practical Cancer Pharmacy, offered by OPEN and ACCC, seeks to identify key steps in oncology drug cost-effectiveness analysis, including helping member institutions recognize the costs of drug therapy beyond purchase price and how to adapt standard pharmacoeconomic approaches.

Dispensing Pharmacy Project

Dispensing Pharmacy: An Option for Private Practices, offered by OPEN and ACCC, provides insight into the decision-making process and challenges involved in setting up a dispensing pharmacy.