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2009 Cancer Program Administrator Survey and Salary Results

In February and March 2009, ACCC sent email surveys to cancer program administrators employed at ACCC-Member Cancer Programs. Slightly more than 19 percent (130 programs) responded to ACCC’s survey.

ACCC members may view the entire survey. Log on to the Members-Only section and click on Member-Content.

In this year of widespread economic distress, cancer program administrators, too, face a challenge: keeping their cancer service lines financially viable while still offering the best care to their patients. Sixty-four percent of respondents indicate that the economy is affecting their ability to access the capital needed to acquire new technologies or expand services. Of those respondents, 62 percent said upgrades to current radiation therapy equipment have been put on hold, including replacing outdated linear accelerators and HDRs or upgrading to IGRT, for example. Eight percent note that physical expansion plans have been put on hold.

All is not bad news, however. Although a majority of respondents report the economy is affecting their ability to access the capital needed to acquire new technologies or expand services, more than one in five (23 percent) report they are making upgrades to radiation oncology equipment and equipment for diagnostic imaging. A few report moving forward on building expansion.

The majority of the cancer program administrators remain happy in their positions. In fact, almost half report they are “very satisfied.” Just 3 percent express dissatisfaction, a sharp decline from 16 percent expressing dissatisfaction in 2006.

In brief, here's what we found:

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