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ACCC's 2015 Patient Assistance and Reimbursement Guide (PAP Guide)

2015 Patient Assistance and Reimbursement Guide


Here’s what you will find in ACCC’s 2015 Guide:

  • A list of pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical patient assistance programs, including directions on how to apply and links to enrollment forms.
  • 7 steps to improving the patient experience with the chemotherapy process.
  • A patient assistance flow chart.
  • A PAP Quick Reference guide.

A print edition of this publication was mailed with the January/February 2015 Oncology Issues.

Email your comments and feedback to ACCC’s Manager, Publications at

blockquoteI find this an extremely useful tool to use in helping patients with their financial challenges. Cindy Adams
Financial Counselor
Hendersonville Hematology & Oncology
Hendersonville, N.C.
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