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ACCC's 2014 Patient Assistance and Reimbursement Guide (PAP Guide)


2014 Patient Assistance and Reimbursement Guide

New Updated Content!

The Quick Reference Guide, pages 14-21, now includes updated information as of August 2014. Additionally, the following three pharmaceutical patient assistance programs have been updated:

  • Access Support™ (Bristol-Myers Squibb)
  • IncyteCARES (Incyte)
  • The ACT Program (Merck)

This year's guide also includes financial counselor and patient advocate position descriptions; a charge capture flow chart; co-pay assistance checklist; patient assistance checklist for uninsured patients; and more.

Here's what else you will find in ACCC's 2014 Guide:

In this digital edition, you can link directly to the forms your patients need, post sticky-notes to yourself on the guide, and email information to your colleagues and patients.

ACCC's 2014 Patient Assistance and Reimbursement Guide is also available in a PDF version that members can download and save directly onto their desktop. As with the digital edition, the PDF version allows you to link directly to the programs and forms your patients need. Email to request your PDF version today.

A print edition of this publication was mailed with the January/February 2014 Oncology Issues.

Email your comments and feedback to ACCC's managing editor at

blockquoteLast year, we put ACCC's guide to work and were able to uncover a quarter of a million dollars in savings for my center. Chad Knight, MSHA
New Hanover Regional Medical Center
Zimmer Cancer Center
Wilmington, N.C.
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