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Institute for the Future of Oncology

The Association of Community Cancer Centers' Institute for the Future of Oncology brings together key leaders in community oncology to tackle the significant issues they are facing today and in the future.

The Institute was launched in 2013 because ACCC recognized a gap in knowledge and a need for meaningful discussion on issues unique to the multidisciplinary community oncology team. The Institute serves as a clearinghouse of information and knowledge, addressing these issues and offering solutions that can be utilized across the community oncology continuum.

The Institute for the Future of Oncology identifies key issues and trends on the horizon that need to be addressed, and incorporates these into its areas of focus.

2014 Institute Forum

In 2014 Institute forum was held on June 26, 2014. The forum discussion focused on two areas of critical importance for the future of oncology care:

Organizational Leadership—exploring key issues in leadership, including:

The following questions helped to frame the discussion:

Who are the current decision makers and, looking ahead, who are the future decision makers likely to be?

How will new and evolving therapies be evaluated for inclusion in service lines offered in the community?

What strategic planning approaches will lead to successful adoption of new therapies and protection of patient access?

Communicating Quality—examining the quality expectations of different stakeholder groups (patients, payers, and providers) and exploring how quality is being communicated to these groups.

The following questions helped to frame the discussion:

How is quality successfully communicated to various stakeholders (payers, patients, other providers)?

What are the key takeaways for stakeholders in discussing quality care?

How do cancer care providers succeed in making the case that they are providing quality care to their patients?

What measures/metrics are being used to communicate quality in oncology?

How can oncology use health information exchange, patient portals, and other emerging technologies to communicate quality?

White papers from the 2014 Institute forum will be forthcoming.

2013 Institute Forum

In 2013, the inaugural Institute forum examined two issues:

Following the 2013 forum, the Institute authored two white papers that provide perspective on how these issues are affecting community cancer care.

Download the Institute for the Future of Oncology's 2013 white papers:

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