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The Bryan Cancer Center Director provides strategic leadership and direction for the Cancer Center, leading day-to-day operations, including directing, organizing, planning, staffing and managing resources. Specific areas of responsibility include collaboration with physicians and Medical Center leaders, performance improvement, regulatory compliance and staff supervision. The Director has a leadership role in building relationships, coordinating patient care and creating and sustaining a positive context for the cancer program. This individual is also responsible for effectively interacting with other functional units of the co-management partners. In addition, this individual has responsible oversight of the cancer registry area, cancer navigators and collaboration with nursing leadership on the inpatient cancer unit. The Director provides leadership for the cancer committee to assure continued good standing with accreditation boards and works with co-management providers to develop various aspects of the cancer center, including but not limited to cancer conferences and network development.


  1. *Commits to the mission, vision, beliefs and consistently demonstrates our core values.
  2. Works with Administration to develop and maintain a scope of service and organization that defines the services to be delivered, areas of responsibility for staff and reporting relationships.
  3. Builds and maintains positive relationships with physicians, medical center leaders and staff.
  4. Works with physicians, staff and senior leaders to develop annual and long-term goals for the Cancer Center.
  5. Evaluates the facility and resources needed to accomplish the mission and annual goals for the Cancer Center.
  6. Assesses and monitors medical technology development and recommends adoption of new technology as appropriate working in collaboration with appropriate area leaders.
  7. Monitors patient volume, demographics and market share. Initiates actions to maintain and improve market share.
  8. Creates and maintains avenues for new business in a regional geographic location; building networks of providers.
  9. Develops avenues for fundraising; works collaboratively with Bryan Foundation in fundraising activities and goals.
  10. Develops marketing strategies to enhance program image, strengthen recognition and develop loyalty.
  11. Assesses the existence and relative strength of all components of the continuum of care. Initiates actions as appropriate to develop and enhance those elements of the continuum deemed necessary.
  12. Develops or adopts policies, procedures, protocols, methods and processes for appropriate delivery of clinical services, which meet established standards of performance, efficient operations and regulatory compliance.
  13. Monitors customer satisfaction in relation to quality standards and collaborates with staff to address opportunities for improvement.
  14. Develops and coordinators community support and education activities related to cancer care.
  15. Insures effective and appropriate utilization of available resources to assure quality, cost effective patient care.
  16. Demonstrates effective interpersonal skills and facilitates cooperative and collaborative relationships among disciplines and departments.
  17. Attends and participates in department director/management meetings and interdisciplinary committees.
  18. Makes decisions based on the needs of the department within the context of the needs of the hospital and joint venture entities as a whole.
  19. Encourages and participates in joint planning and program development with health care team members.
  20. Prepares and monitors operational and capital budgets as they relate to the Cancer Center.
  21. Directs, supervises, and coordinates the activities of staff through coaching and individual development.
  22. Completes performance appraisals and all required activities related to management of staff.
  23. Performs other related projects and duties as assigned.

(Essential Job functions are marked with an asterisk “*”. Refer to the Job Description Guide for the definition of essential and non-essential job functions.)

Joint Commission requirement for Directors and Vice Senior Leaders are provided in an addendum to this job description.


Master’s degree in Nursing, Health Care Administration or related field required. Licensure as a Radiologic Technologist or Registered Nurse preferred. Minimum of three (3) years progressive experience as a licensed clinical professional required. Minimum of three (3) years in management or supervisory role required. Experience with cancer center program development preferred.




(Physical Requirements are based on federal criteria and assigned by Human Resources upon review of the Principal Job Functions.) (DOT) – Characterized as sedentary work requiring exertion up to 10 pounds of force occasionally and/or a negligible amount of force frequently to lift, carry, push, pull, or otherwise move objects, including the human body.



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