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Job Summary:

The Oncology Program Director is responsible for the overall administration and coordination of the oncology program.  Reporting to the Vice President, this position is responsible for planning, directing, monitoring, coordinating and evaluating the oncology program on an ongoing basis.  Works collaboratively with peers, senior hospital and health system leaders, program medical directors, as well as other medical staff leaders, to develop strategic plans and establish programmatic goals.  The position has accountability for financial performance, quality monitoring and performance improvement, regulatory compliance and accreditation within the Oncology program and other assigned areas.


Includes Cancer Registry, Radiation Center, Outpatient Infusion Centers, Cancer Center Programs and Services, Multidisciplinary Clinics, and Outreach services.  Represents the Oncology Program in the broader community.

Key Accountabilities/Principle Duties:

The following is a summary of the major duties and responsibilities of this position.

1. Program Leadership:

  • Responsible for the strategic growth and development of the oncology program. 
  • Directs the development of strategic goals and priorities of the oncology program.
  • Works collaboratively with organizational leadership, physicians and staff to establish the goals, implement the strategies and monitor the outcomes for the oncology program. 
  • Ensures strategic, operational, programmatic, and other plans and policies
  • Support the mission, vision, and values of the organization.
  • Collaborates with all departments, service lines and administration to accomplish organizational goals and targets. 
  • Makes recommendations for changes and/or new strategies as appropriate.
  • Plans and prepares well in advance for projects and multiple outcomes.
  • Supports the Cancer Committee Physician Chairperson to conduct the Cancer Committee meetings and serves as the administrative leader to the Committee.

2. Operational Leadership:

  • Responsible for overall performance of departments through direct reporting relationships. 
  • Works with direct reports to achieve top performance of employees in their areas. 
  • Leads the Oncology service line meeting.
  • Assures accountability of oncology program staff in the efforts to accomplish oncology program clinical quality goals, reporting requirements and management of oncology data.
  • Ensures Managers: provide appropriate staffing levels consistent with variations in volumes and/or acuity; utilize productivity data to identify opportunities for staffing efficiencies; manage to budget; develop programs that support recruitment and retention of staff; effectively manage and sets performance expectations for staff; resolve performance issues timely in compliance with human resources policies; validate proper licensure and credentials of staff on an ongoing basis; provide education and training for compliance with hospital, state and JCAHO requirements; provide appropriate orientation, education, in-service training and continuing education of staff.

3. Fiscal Responsibility:

  • Responsible for oversight of financial performance of the oncology program.  Includes operating budget development, monitoring, and meeting determined goals and targets.
  • Collaborates with finance, managed care, and decision support departments to monitor/analyze reimbursement trends, identify emerging issues, and proactively prepare for changes. 
  • Works collaboratively with program leaders and medical directors to develop capital budgets and recommend technology investments.

4. Program Marketing:

  • Oversees the marketing efforts of the oncology program to enhance public awareness of the BHE cancer services.
  • Plans, initiates and monitors marketing efforts of the program in collaboration with the marketing department.
  • Collaborates with the marketing department to produce print, web and media that promotes the program and demonstrates excellence in oncology services.
  • Evaluates the marketing efforts and effects changes based on goals and targets.

5. Quality Improvement and Outcomes:

  • Leads the oncology program in providing excellence in clinical care, patient satisfaction, data management and operational efficiency. 
  • Demonstrates the outcomes through reportable metrics and submission of required local, state and national data to reporting agencies.
  • Assures the oncology program achieves and maintains the highest level of accreditations for the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer (ACOS-COC), National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC) and other groups identified as strategic by program leadership.
  • Collaborates with physician leaders to promote implementation of nationally recognized standards of care;
  • Evaluates organization performance as compare to national benchmarks.
  • Develops performance improvement measures and continually assesses performance against identified measures.
  • Provides direction to staff on issues that impact patient care/satisfaction/customer service.
  • Is proactive in identifying potential problems and developing correction action plans.

6. Regulatory Compliance:

  • Assures compliance with all regulatory, state and federal laws related to operations of the Oncology Program.
  • Actively monitors and plans for compliance with state, federal and JACHO requirements.
  • Actively executes the Corporate Compliance Program as it related to areas of responsibility.

7. Relationship Management:

  • Collaborates with leadership of Baptist Medical Associates (BMA), as well as independent physicians, to assure smooth and effective operations between oncology program departments and physician offices.
  • Works collaboratively with other departments and service lines to assure excellence in services to oncology patients across the organization.
  • Ensures positive customer relations/interactions:
  • manages challenging customer situations; responds promptly to customer needs; solicits customer feedback to improve service; responds to requests for service and assistance; meets commitments
  • Represents the hospital’s oncology program in local, state and national arenas to foster recognition and a reputation of excellence.

8. Strategic Planning:

  • Works with senior hospital and health system leadership to proactively assess the impact of legislation and managed care developments on areas of responsibility.
  • Positions departments for future revenue growth, cost reduction, and quality improvement through ongoing-targeted initiatives.
  • Works with staff to convey a clear vision of department direction, challenges and opportunities.
  • Works effectively under short deadlines.  Modifies plans as necessary.  Sets priorities for self and others in relation to the accomplishment of stated objectives.

9. Professional Development:

  • Promotes ongoing development of self and staff within the oncology program through continuing education, certification, publication and contributions to evidence based oncology research and practice.

Minimum Education, Certification, Training and Experience Required:

  • Minimum of 5 years recent healthcare management experience required, with most recent 3 years in the development and leadership of a major oncology program/service line in a large healthcare setting.
  • Graduate degree required, MSN preferred; however, will consider master’s or doctoral degree in related healthcare discipline including, but not limited to, MHA, MBA, PhD, DNP, EdD. 
  • Certification specific to oncology and/or administration preferred. 



Interested candidates should apply to the Baptist Heatlh Louisville Career Center by going to www.baptisthealth.com and selecting careers and searching for job number R21028514.

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