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Bolstering Patient Care with Decision Support Tools

By Debra Patt, MD, MPH, MBA


In an interview with the Association of Community Cancer Centers (ACCC), Debra Patt, MD, MPH, MBA—an active leader in breast cancer research and a breast cancer specialist in Austin, Texas—discusses how applied informatics has helped her practice and the future direction of telemedicine in cancer care, including subspecialty services. 

Debra Patt, MD, MPH, MBA, is a practicing oncologist and breast cancer specialist in Austin, Texas. She is the president-elect of the Texas Society of Clinical Oncology and executive vice president of Texas Oncology. Dr. Patt’s research focuses on imaging informatics for breast cancer, clinical decision support systems, predictive analytics to reduce risk in patients with advanced cancer, and quality improvement. She is the editor-in-chief of the Journal of Clinical Oncology-Clinical Cancer Informatics. She serves on the US Oncology Research Breast Cancer Committee; chairs the breast cancer subsection of the Pathways Task Force for The US Oncology Network; and has expertise in healthcare policy having testified before Congress to protect access to care for Medicare beneficiaries.
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