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On August 18, ACCC President David R. Penberthy, MD, hosted his second Tech Talk, as 40 ACCC members came together to brainstorm technology solutions to mitigate oncology workforce shortages. Learn about the day’s discussion and the variety of artificial intelligence (AI)- and business intelligence (BI)-enabled platforms that are available to support your workforce.
In response to the ever-changing landscape of healthcare and financial advocacy, the ACCC Financial Advocacy Network is collaborating this year with its partners to update ACCC’s Financial Advocacy Services Guidelines.
At the risk of repeating a phrase that has been exhausted this year, the dawn of 2020 brought with it unprecedented times. Whereas a pandemic on its own would have dominated everything else, this year also brought on an economic depression; a racial awakening; record-breaking wildfires, hurricanes, and floods; political turmoil on an extraordinary scale; and a host of additional unique phenomena. …