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Discover the mission of Unite for HER—a national nonprofit organization dedicated to enriching the health and well-being of those affected by breast and ovarian cancers.
This cancer program continues to meet patients’ psychosocial needs through enduring telehealth expansion, livestream groups and classes, and on-demand digital repositories.
Our results indicated that food insecure patients tended to complete fewer months of treatment than their food secure counterparts. Food insecure patients who refused assistance had the lowest number of months of completed treatment; most food insecure patients who received assistance completed more of their treatment.
For most providers and other professionals in the healthcare industry, information about coronavirus (COVID-19) is coming fast and furious. As we strive to flatten the curve of the spread of the virus, a "new normal" of patient care delivery has for many of us materialized seemingly overnight. Our workdays are likely getting busier, and our home lives more complicated. It’s getting more and more difficult …