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In the absence of a successor to the Oncology Care Model (OCM), the future looks bleak.
As the United States healthcare system moves to value-based and bundled payments under alternative payment models, it is now more important than ever for cancer programs and practices to quantitatively and qualitatively measure to show the value that supportive cancer care services bring to patients.
Mercy Cancer Care responded to OP-35 was by developing an internal report that predicted the metrics for one of its larger oncology practices.
From transitioning to value-based care to effectively onboarding new members of the care team, the ACCC Radiation Oncology Pre-Conference on March 5 covered current and near-term challenges facing the field of radiation oncology. The half-day multi-session program was held in conjunction with the ACCC 46th Annual Meeting & Cancer Center Business Summit in Washington, D.C. The pre-conference kicked …