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By turning to technology solutions that are already being used by the health system and that were well understood by their healthcare teams and patients, Baptist Health South Florida, Miami Cancer Institute staff are providing high-quality cancer care without having to dip deeper into its operating budget.
An integrated precision tracking program ensures proper follow-up care and surveillance for survivors of colorectal cancer.
Cancer programs are facing multiple challenges related to treating patients in a COVID-19 environment. Cancer programs need to deploy systems and processes to help navigate these patients into the healthcare system and to work through the backlog of new patients with cancer as quickly as possible within existing resources.
After integrating voice recognition software with its EMR, Mount Sinai Health System reduced physician workload, improved patient care, and streamlined clinic workflow. Physicians and staff shared that this process improvement initiative also improved their well-being, freeing clinicians up to spend more time doing what they want to do—caring for patients.