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The Road to Recovery Report makes specific recommendations for maintaining the adaptations made necessary to accommodate the disruptions caused by the pandemic. Where possible, the report recommends building on that momentum to spur much-needed change in cancer care and research.
COVID-19 has highlighted how challenging it is for cancer care providers large and small when healthcare resources are limited. One oncologist shares her experience on a task force that drafted a series of recommendations for moving forward in cancer care as the pandemic recedes.
At the risk of repeating a phrase that has been exhausted this year, the dawn of 2020 brought with it unprecedented times. Whereas a pandemic on its own would have dominated everything else, this year also brought on an economic depression; a racial awakening; record-breaking wildfires, hurricanes, and floods; political turmoil on an extraordinary scale; and a host of additional unique phenomena. …
While the pandemic continues to disrupt the conduct of cancer research, clinical trials remain crucial to advancing clinical care and providing the latest treatment options to all patients, including those in medically underserved communities. Given its location in the American southwest, Yuma Regional Medical Center (YRMC) Cancer Center has a long history of providing culturally appropriate care for …