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Discover how St. Elizabeth Cancer Center launched a comprehensive program to perform outreach to patients with outstanding orders for lung, breast, and colon cancer screenings.
Learn about the critical role patient navigation plays in identifying, addressing, and dismantling health inequities across the cancer care continuum.
Despite scientific and medical advances, the incidence and mortality rates of cancer remain disproportionately high among certain populations. Understanding this, combatting the inequities that exist will be key to delivering next generation cancer care.
24 OI | Vol. 38, No 1, 2023 | spotlight Amid the trees, farmsteads, and rolling hills of Carroll, Iowa, resides St. Anthony Regional Cancer Center, a full-service oncology-hematology hospital-based department of St. Anthony Regional Hospital, offering radiation and medical oncology, hematology, and infusion therapy services. While faith-based healthcare organizations …
Cancer Care Associates of York, implemented an autonomous APP model of care designed to allow these clinicians to work at the top of their license, facilitate effective physician and APP partnerships, and improve overall patient satisfaction.
While the number of oncology patients and survivors is increasing, the growth of medical oncologists has lagged behind, and advanced practice providers (APPs) play a critical role in filling this care gap.