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Discover how St. Elizabeth Cancer Center launched a comprehensive program to perform outreach to patients with outstanding orders for lung, breast, and colon cancer screenings.
Learn about the critical role patient navigation plays in identifying, addressing, and dismantling health inequities across the cancer care continuum.
Despite scientific and medical advances, the incidence and mortality rates of cancer remain disproportionately high among certain populations. Understanding this, combatting the inequities that exist will be key to delivering next generation cancer care.
Adopting a human-centered approach to designing clinical trials that considers the preferences and experiences of rural patients with cancer and providers could increase patient enrollment and close care gaps.
Climate change is typically seen through an environmental, political, or socioeconomic lens. Yet it should also be seen as a catastrophic health threat as it will have an effect on the delivery of comprehensive cancer care.
The Appalachian Community Care Alliance is committed to improving colorectal and cervical cancer screening in Appalachia by implementing interventions focused on reducing disparities and enhancing patients’ quality-of-life.
Spotlight on Ivinson Memorial Hospital, Meredith and Jeannie Ray Cancer Center.
Dr. Penberthy's final Tech Talk as ACCC President was attended by more than 40 members, as speakers discussed the impact of big data and artificial intelligence.
An interview with Picture Health’s Anant Madabhushi, PhD, and Trishan Arul on the expanding role of AI and healthcare professionals in the fields of biomedical engineering and computer science.
24 OI | Vol. 38, No 1, 2023 | spotlight Amid the trees, farmsteads, and rolling hills of Carroll, Iowa, resides St. Anthony Regional Cancer Center, a full-service oncology-hematology hospital-based department of St. Anthony Regional Hospital, offering radiation and medical oncology, hematology, and infusion therapy services. While faith-based healthcare organizations …
Highlands Oncology Group took key steps toward implementing an ePRO platform aimed at reducing emergency department utilization and unplanned hospitalization, while improving the patient’s quality of life.
An article spotlighting Logan Health, Logan Health Cancer Program, Kalispell, Montana.
ACCC welcomes a new its newest members and recognizes its 2022 award winners.
Physician shortages and growing healthcare costs threaten the sustainability of the in-person care model, but telemedicine and remote monitoring can be solutions for delivering equitable cancer care and improving access to quality care.
The COVID-19 pandemic brought renewed attention to the concept of the home being a site of care. Looking to the future, certain strategies can be implemented for cancer programs aiming to offer care to patients in their homes.
12 | Vol. 37, No. 5, 2022 | OI C oastal Cancer Center is a private oncology practice with four locations across South Carolina’s Grand Strand, bordering the Atlantic Ocean. Established in 1982, Coastal Cancer Center has been a pillar in its community for decades. In 2010, it was the first practice in the state to become Quality Oncology Practice Initiative certified. The …
Tennessee Oncology is a physician-led private oncology practice based in Nashville, with 32 clinic locations across the state and one in northern Georgia- offering medical and radiation oncology, imaging, and lab services.
Cancer Care Associates of York, implemented an autonomous APP model of care designed to allow these clinicians to work at the top of their license, facilitate effective physician and APP partnerships, and improve overall patient satisfaction.
ACCC and AstraZeneca were recognized for their joint effort in the Rural Appalachian Lung Cancer Screening Initiative at the Cancer Moonshot: Goals Forum hosted, by the President and First Lady.
Presbyterian Healthcare Services developed a unique service, offering patients with cancer certain clinical interventions and wellness checks in the comfort of their home that is provided by the Albuquerque Ambulance Service Mobile Integrated Health team.
    Displaying results 1 - 20 of 33
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