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I Am A Pharmacist

Cancer treatment regimens today are so complex that oncology pharmacists and administrators for oncology pharmacy services must take a leadership role as part of the multidisciplinary cancer care team. ACCC understands your pivotal role in delivery of quality, patient-centered care. We've curated content designed to facilitate the important work you do as a pharmacist.

Featured Pharmacist Programs

Oncology Pharmacy Education Network

As oncology engages in value-based reimbursement, new payment models, and precision medicine, oncology pharmacists and pharmacy staff are integral to successful delivery of quality, cost-effective patient care. The ACCC Oncology Pharmacy Education Network (OPEN) offers the knowledge and know-how to navigate the accelerating course of change in oncology—clinically, operationally, fiscally, and programmatically.
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Perspectives on Step Therapy in Oncology

Explore the implications of potential implementation of step therapy in Medicare Advantage plans.
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Oncology Drug Database

This is a comprehensive, timely, and authoritative source of information on coding, billing, and reimbursement for oncology drugs, which includes information for both provider administered (“Part B”) and prescribed (“Part D”) drugs commonly used in treating cancer patients in the ambulatory setting, including both therapeutics and supportive care products.
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Immuno-Oncology Resources

The Oncology Pharmacist's Role in IO Delivery
by Sarah Hudson-DiSalle, PharmD, RPh

Oncology Pharmacist's Role in IO
by Ali Mc Bride


From Oncology Issues

  • A Pharmacist-Managed Oral Chemotherapy Program
    The shift from infused to oral agents has implications for patients and cancer programs. This 2011 ACCC Innovator Award winning program explains its pharmacist-managed approach.
  •  ACCESS: The First Step Toward Analyzing Precision Medicine Data
    Jonathan Trent, MD, PhD
    Before we can precisely characterize a disease, prescribe targeted medicine, and track therapy progress, we need to find a better way to order tests, store results, and share information. Read how Sylvester Cancer Center in Miami did just that by integrating precision medicine data into its electronic health record (EHR).
  •  The Role of the Oral Oncology Nurse Navigator
    Mary K. Anderson, BSN, RN, OCN; Michael J. Reff, RPH, MBA; Rebecca S. McMahon, MHA, BSN, RN, OCN; and Deborah R. Walters, RN, OCN
    While oncology programs and practices must take into account numerous considerations when ramping up their oral chemotherapy services, this article focuses on one unique and very important role to facilitate this transition: the oral oncology nurse navigator.
  •  Delivering Pharmacogenetic Testing in the Community Setting
    Mark Wagner, PharmD; Jennifer Eichmeyer, MS, CGC; Paul G. Montgomery, MD; Jessica Monitz, PharmD; Jesslie Modlin, PharmD; and Natalie Perry, BA
    In November 2014, St. Luke’s Mountain States Tumor Institute (MSTI), Boise, Idaho, initiated a pilot program to determine the feasibility of a pharmacogenetic testing program in a community cancer program.