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I Am A Nurse

At every step of the cancer continuum, oncology nurses are integral to the delivery of quality, patient-centered care. From clinics to clinical trials, from the C-suite to the infusion suite, from navigating patients through treatments to outreach and education, oncology nurses are integral to multidisciplinary, coordinated care. ACCC is pleased to share some select resources for the many roles filled by today's oncology nurses. 

Featured Nurse Programs

E-Learning: The Nurse Navigator and Managing Patient Expectations in Immunotherapy Cancer Care.

Learn new techniques from the perspective of the nurse and nurse navigator and from the patient to effectively support patients through all phases of the I-O treatment spectrum, including monitoring of immunotherapy response and adverse events, presenting appropriate psycho-social support resources, and managing patient expectations during—and after—treatment.
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Let's Be Clear: Communicating to Improve the Cancer Patient Experience 
Metastatic Breast Cancer: Effective Principles & Practices in Patient Support


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