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MRD Testing in B-Cell ALL

Testing for measurable (or minimal) residual disease (MRD) can be a powerful tool in shaping treatment plans and overall patient management to achieve better outcomes. MRD refers to the presence of residual microscopic cancer cells detected after cancer treatment which may have been missed by more conventional scans or tests. Unfortunately, routine MRD testing is variable, and there are currently no standards for optimal MRD testing. To address this disparity, ACCC has established an educational project to create helpful tools and recommend effective practices that multidisciplinary providers can use to successfully integrate MRD testing into their cancer care continuum—specifically for patients with B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL).

The project provides valuable information and guidance to members of multidisciplinary cancer care teams, including pathologists, oncologists, advanced practice providers, pharmacists, social workers, financial advocates, administrators, IT professionals, policy analysts, and other relevant specialists.

As B-cell ALL was the first disease state with an FDA-approved treatment for MRD, this project helps lay the foundation for MRD testing in patients with B-cell ALL with an innovative Implementation Roadmap, inclusive of a comprehensive self-assessment tool.
Ultimately, this work showcases not only the importance of MRD testing, but also how it can be best integrated into the cancer care workflow.

Specifically, this project:

  • Applies implementation science principles to promote guideline-concordant MRD testing for patients with B-cell ALL
  • Evaluates identified barriers and potential solutions to integrate MRD testing into community-based oncology practices
  • Develops an MRD testing model for the multidisciplinary cancer care team 

For more information on this project, please contact the ACCC Provider Education department.

Digital Tools

MRD Testing Implementation Roadmap
Navigate how to lay the groundwork for MRD testing, prepare your care team, implement testing, and evaluate ongoing progress.

MRD Testing Resource Library
Curated materials to help establish and implement MRD testing for your patients with adult B-cell ALL.

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