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Coming in Your 2022 Oncology Issues

  • Auricular Acupuncture for the Treatment of Cancer-Related Pain
  • Cannabis in Cancer Research and Creating a Patient Education Clinic
  • An APP-Physician Model Improves Risk Stratification and Palliative Care
  • Remote Monitoring of Patients with Cancer During COVID-19
  • Developing a Cancer Care and Community Paramedicine Partnership
  • Oncology Capture of ED Patients with Incidental Radiologic Findings
  • A Comprehensive Oncology Program for Elders (COPE)
  • A Model Telehealth Adolescent and Young Adult Oncology Program
  • Meeting NCCN Guidelines for Genetic Counseling Referrals among Cancer Registry Patients: An Ohio Study
  • Best Practices for Development of a Successful Cardio-Oncology Program in a Community Hospital
  • Improving Care of Patients with Lung Cancer and COVID-19
  • Meeting Women’s Sexual Health Needs After a Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment
  • A Study of Genetic Counseling Referrals among Cancer Registry Patients Meeting NCCN Guidelines
  • The Effect of the “Living Well After Cancer” Program on Physical and Metabolic Health: A Community-Based Feasibility Study
  • Improving Cancer Care Teamwork: Five Patient-Centered Strategies to Strengthen Care Coordination
  • Making the Case for Hiring an Oncology Pharmacist