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Coming in Your 2018 Oncology Issues

  • Improving Cancer Screening & Treatment through a Focused Prostate Evaluation Program
  • Development & Implementation of a Supportive Oncodermatology Clinic
  • A Comprehensive, Life-Long Management Program for Hereditary and Other High-Risk Patients
  • Wheels Up: Bringing Lung Cancer Education and Screening to Rural Patients
  • Removing Barriers in Cancer Detection: Getting LDCT Lung Cancer Screening to Work Within a Network
  • Development and Implementation of an HIV Oncology Program
  • Improving the Care of Pediatric Radiation Oncology Patients
  • Community-Based Psychological First Aid
  • Safe Essential Oil Practice in Cancer Centers
  • Tools to Improve Fertility Preservation Discussions for Adolescent and Young Adult Male Oncology Patients
  • Enhancing Radiation Therapy Patient’s QOL Through Fatigue-Centered Psycho-Education
  • A Model Colon Cancer Awareness Screening Event
  • The SCOOP Program: Introducing Supportive Care and Enhanced Navigation into the Curative Treatment of Cancer
  • Implementing Medical Scribes in a Community Cancer Center
  • The Experience Engine: Personalizing the Patient Experience through Technology
  • Evaluation of High-Risk Pulmonary Nodules and Pathologic Correlation in Patients Enrolled in a LDCT Program
  • One Best Practice: Streamlining Workflow, Unifying Staff, and Reducing Redundancy