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Open Surveys

The Association of Community Cancer Centers (ACCC) is a member-driven organization that represents the diverse needs, challenges, and real-world experiences of the multidisciplinary cancer care team.

Many of our education programs launch with a formal needs assessment, which will lead to the creation of timely and relevant focus groups, webcasts, live and virtual meeting sessions, white papers, peer-reviewed journal articles, and scientific presentations.

In order to develop practical, how-to resources that improve cancer program operations and elevate patient care, we count on ACCC members to participate in our needs assessment surveys.

We understand that your time is valuable so your input is greatly appreciated.


There are currently no open surveys.

Survey Questions? Please contact ACCC if you have any inquiries or feedback about ACCC surveys.


How Can You Benefit from ACCC’s How-To Knowledge?
  1. Maintain an updated profile and let us know your areas of concentration. Login on the navigation bar of the ACCC website to create an account. If you are an ACCC member and have not logged in yet, you will need to reset your password. You will be linked to “Your Profile” page, where you can view and update your information.
  2. Click “Change” on the right side of the screen to update your contact information and indicate your areas of concentration in the drop-down menu in your profile. Select as many interests that apply. This will enable ACCC to provide relevant resources, better understand your needs, and effectively communicate about our education programs with more targeted information.

We recommend you include a personal email address as a backup, as institution firewalls may block ACCC marketing emails.